Bitlis, Tatvan
Solar Power Plant
6.146 MW Installed Power ç

Located in Tatvan Kıyıdüzü Mevki District in Bitlis region on a 84 thousand square meters of surface area, Bitlis Solar Power Plant generates around 12.16 million kWh per year with an installed power of 6.146 MW.

1132 stands, 20.480 solar panels and 40 inverters are used in the project with a daily generation capacity of 40.000 kWh and monthly generation capacity of 1.200.000 kWh.

As required by the conditions of the region, special GTC 310 W panel and KACO BLUEPLANET inverter are used taking snow reflection into consideration.

Construction of Bitlis Plant and Solar Power Plant Project started in 2018 and the project was launched in 2019.