Bilecik, Pazaryeri
Solar Power Plant
10.106 MW Installed Power

Located in Firanlar Village-Ahmetler Village of Pazaryeri District in Bilecik region on a 175 thousand square meters of surface area, Bilecik Solar Power Plant generates around 15 million kWh per year with an installed power of 10.106 MW.

269 infinity stands, 38.137 solar panels and 225 inverters are used in the project with a daily generation capacity of 70.000 kWh and monthly generation capacity of 1.800.000 kWh.

The plant hosts motorized tracker systems that change direction and take position towards the sun. The system can be adjusted to summer or winter season by changing the angle.

Construction of Bilecik Plant and Solar Power Plant Project started in 2017 and the project was launched in 2018.